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Privacy Notice

 Our policy is as follows:
Note: We'll tell you why their personal information that we collect and how we intend to use it. We must gather and store
your name, address and other information-based personal identification, for example, to
the services that you have requested, and for billing purposes. Exit: From time to time we have in our products or services we are to believe that you could be for the company and office. We can try to help you to find these resources to share your personal information with these companies. But we will always disclose personal data not your permission before third companies associated;
Security: We will take appropriate measures to maintain the security, integrity and confidentiality of your personal information to ensure guarantees erect; Checking and correcting: We will continue to strengthen our program, so we can check and correct, according to the personal information that we collect requirements from you. Currently we have these requirements can justify;
will not sell your personal information in any form, including mailing lists. All information is for internal use: continue to monitor the implementation and application of our policies and the policy will be adjusted to reflect changes in technology and everyone expects us to treat. To ensure that we continue our strategy, we carry out our website and other systems and unforeseen regular audits
Privacy Policy has been developed out of respect for the privacy preferences and choose our candidates, clients, suppliers, partners and employees. We have implemented procedures to ensure that every reasonable effort to solve your problem. If you have questions or comments about policy and data, please contact one of our directors.
If you have the right to do complaints from our data, you need to associate the data protection officer - but the first time, please let us know so that we have the ability to solve all the problems you directly
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